1950’s Galley Kitchen Reno

Check out this transformation!

The homeowner came to Luke and Katie needing a kitchen remodel, but were unsure how to get any more organization out of their confined kitchen space.

The homeowners wishlist…

  • Upgrade 24″ apartment size electric range to a standard 30″ range
  • ADD a dishwasher
  • Pantry storage space
  • Utilize existing refrigerator

Having to work within the confines of the space, Luke and Katie took out the wall that divided the kitchen from the dining room, only adding mere inches to the space, but making a big impact in adding light and better fluidity from the dining room to the kitchen.

Katie’s biggest challenge was how to incorporate a dishwasher AND a stove AND more storage in such a tight area. Katie moved the sink location so it was placed in the corner, allowing a longer base cabinet run to its right to house a trash cabinet, 18″ dishwasher, and a full size electric range.

The refrigerator wall became the pantry wall where large pantry cabinets with roll-out trays house most of the families canned and boxed goods.

This galley kitchen no longer feels cramped and cluttered. It packs a huge punch in the amount of storage and organization it has compared to what it was before!

Photo Gallery:

Before and After:

  • Before
  • After
  • Before
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